Jolium Mod is a modification to the game that adds a MASSIVE overhaul with thousands of features. There are too many features in the mod to document, but a few examples are Jolium (a powerful metal crafted with nether stars), the pocket dimensions (a set of dimensions accessible by the interdimensional monster, which also has a chance to drop a nether stars), tables, chairs, marble, boxes, sideways slabs, computers, new wood types, a Redstone block overhaul, most of the periodic table in-game, and many new dimensions.


Please wait a few minutes for download to commence, the file is large.

Clarification on some features that may be confusing: brimstone soaks up lava, and elevator blocks work by there being another elevator block 3 blocks either above or below it. It is challenging to list all the crafting here so you may have to use JEI if you are playing survival. The checker can be used to detect if the block in front of it equals the block in it's inventory when updated.