JOGOS Changelog
To install an update, unzip JOGOS to a new folder, and replace the newly installed folders "User", "Apps", and "Assets\Themes" with the ones from your previous installation.
> 2.2.1 - July 5, 2023
- Removed the "Timer" app and replaced it with the "Clock" app, including features like a worldwide clock, timer, and stopwatch
- Allowed apps to specify multiple extensions that they support using the file appextensions.dat
- Files app now supports opening files as well as folders using command-line arguments
- Fixed major issue in error handling when the Files app is given an invalid parameter
- Allowed users to view the publisher of apps on the app store
- To acommodate future apps, App Store now allows a manual override of the method of installation (Direct from file or Unzip) to be given in backend parameters
- Improved the color picker in settings
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