Welcome to a new era of operating environments.

Welcome to JOGOS.

What is JOGOS?

JOGOS is a nested operating environment made for Windows 8+, tested most thoroughly on Windows 10. A nested operating environment is an external shell (like the Windows home screen) with specialized programs and other utilities. It has themes and other settings separate from Windows, but still is dependent on some basic features of the operating system it runs on.

How are we different?

On the internet there are lots of nested operating environments to choose from, so why choose us?

  1. Our service is completely free, with a simple download and no ads.

  2. Our code is simply modifiable, written in Microsoft's scripting languages Batch and VBS (Visual Basic Script), along with a portion in C/C++ (see Credits). Since the program requires lots of command line tools, the code files on their own can make good utilities for coding command line applications.

  3. We designed our NOE for personal preference, in contrast to most NOEs made for security or malware recovery (although ours can also be used for the latter). We have unique features like AES encryption and MD5 hash reading straight from the file viewer, neatly written and uncompressed code, special themes, and MUCH more.

  4. JOGOS is built for your privacy, with easily monitorable network connections to ensure your data is safe. More Information

  5. Dark mode. No elaboration needed.