What is JOGOS?

JOGOS is a nested operating environment made for Windows 8+, tested most thoroughly on Windows 11. A nested operating environment is a shell (like Windows explorer) with its own programs and other utilities. It has themes and other settings separate from Windows, but still is dependent on some basic features of the operating system it runs on.

Why use JOGOS?

  1. Our service is completely free, with a simple download and no ads.
  2. We have unique features like MD5 hash calculation straight from the file viewer, customizable themes, and more.
  3. JOGOS respects your privacy, with easily monitorable network connections to ensure your data is safe. The JOGOS system (including all default taskbar apps) only uses the internet to check for updates, and only upon the user manually telling it to do this.
  4. Dark mode. No elaboration needed.