The JOGOS team is currently working on supporting the people of Ukraine in the unjust crisis they are currently facing. One way we are doing this is making our primary supplier for brand products one that supports the cause of Ukraine, but the biggest is the Ukranian Charity Watch.

The UCW is a movement dedicated to verifying the validity of all charities claiming to support the Ukrainian people, after a member of our team took notice of the terrible practice of falsifying charitable organizations claiming to support Ukraine, while the scammer took the donations for themselves. This practice has to stop. We are working on compiling a list of known credible organizations supporting Ukraine and keeping people's money going to the right cause.

This list's criteria depends on the charity being at least two of the following:

  1. Recommended by the Better Business Bureau

  2. Rated more than 8.5 stars in a charity recommender that anyone in the community can contribute to.

  3. Not having significant allegations of corruption (some charities are left off the list due to allegations of corruption, and so even if a charity seems otherwise legitimate but does not appear on this list, please do research on it before donating.)

  4. Being a local charity (A charity that donates to other charities with proven receipt of donation and stated goal being making donation more convenient).

Trusted Charities: