J-Splash is a tool that displays borderless images onscreen, and can be run and given parameters from the Windows command line. Unlike most borderless image viewers, it does not have any right-click menu and is not draggable with the mouse. This makes it perfect for splash screens and other simple graphical elements.

Command Line Parameters

  1. Parameter 1: Image name. If an invalid image is entered, the image will display as an X. The name of the window is set to the value you enter into this parameter. If no parameters are entered, this parameter's value will default to "image.png"
  2. Parameter 2: Alignment. L = top left, R = top right, C = center of the screen. If an invalid value is entered, it will default to center.
  3. Parameter 3 and 4: Width and height. Both width and height have to be entered, otherwise neither will be applied. If both values are not entered, they will both default to 256 pixels.

Example Command: jsplash.exe "Sample.png" C 300 150

Note: J-Splash will display the color #111414 as transparent.

License to Include in Re-distributed Versions of J-Splash