Extra Content (Misc.)

JOGOS Colors

  • #57de44 - Logo Color

  • #008000 - Application Background Color

  • #044717 - Gradient Color 1

  • #032a0b - Gradient Color 2

  • #D82727 - Program Icon Red

  • #E1A221 - Program Icon Orange

  • #49CE5C - Program Icon Green

  • #14e4e4 - Aqua Theme Logo Color

  • #5088B5 - Program Icon Blue

  • #9B50B5 - Program Icon Purple

How to recognize a JOGOS brand

  1. It has a simple central shape. It's usually a circle and at least half cool colors, and with flat or gradient coloration.

  2. Text centered on shape, usually with two lines, and in a courier font.

  3. There is an exception to 1 and 2 with mods, which will always have Minecraft style text as the central design.

Logo Comparison

A comparison between the old and new logos used by JOGOS. Notice the simplification in the new logo and the emoji-like design of the old one. There is an even more outdated logo for JOG inc., the company in charge of JOGOS, however currently it primarily uses the JOGOS logo.

New Logo

The modern, simplified JOGOS logo

Legacy Logo

The logo used in legacy versions of JOGOS

Animated Comparison

Modern intro/outro sounds

Outdated intro/outro sounds