Check Network Connections

To check all network connections currently running in JOGOS, and thus check for any issues with privacy or malicious activity, complete the following steps while running JOGOS.

  1. Type Windows Key + R, and when you see a window in the corner type CMD and press enter. You should see a window like this open:

2. Within the window, type in "NETSTAT" and press enter, you should see it listing off network connections like below:

3. You can copy IPs by selecting them and right-clicking, then look them up on a search engine of your choice. This method will show any and all network connections going to your computer, a good way of checking for any activity related to crypto miners, keyloggers, ransomware, or adware. It is normal to see a rate of a few per second, as those are part of normal computer activity such as checking weather. If you wish, you can repeat these steps outside of JOGOS to compare behaviors.